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A pergunta é feita por Glenn Rikowski ao concluir um artigo em que analisa os efeitos do neoliberalismo e do managerialismo, sobre a profissionalidade docente.

De forma desassombrada, o professor da School of Education at the University of Northampton explica porque é que se torna indispensável que os professores consigam descontruir o senso comum associado à teoria e à prática neoliberal, conseguindo reforçar o profissionalismo docente e a sua capacidade de intervir nos sistemas educativos à escala global.

Teachers will become caught in the storm of capital. Their so-called ‘autonomy’ (as if anyone could have autonomy these days) is a fiction. They will increasingly become embroiled within the workings of capital. Real education must include, therefore, an understanding of these processes in order to terminate them. Otherwise ‘teacher professionals’ will continue to live out one of the Great Illusions of the Age: that they can be and are teacher professionals. That they can actually be what they think they are. With careful reworking of the notion of professionalism in line with the demands of capital, no doubt Governments the world over would be mightily relieved if as many teachers as possible share in this illusion.

Zipping back to the original question as posed by Gray and Denley (2006) in the Introduction, it appears that teachers are being trained to deliver Government policy. However, Gray and Denley do not have much of a social analysis of the foundations of this policy in their article. In effect, by going along with Government policy, teachers, no matter how benign, noble and ‘professional’ they perceive themselves to be, are also helping to deliver neoliberalism, the diktats of the New Managerialism and the law of value to our schools. By struggling against these trends teachers can uphold their dignity, honesty and integrity against the parasitic encroachments of capital.

Which kind of teacher are you?