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… há gente com responsabilidades, que fundamenta as suas decisões e escolhas naquilo a que podemos chamar o “achismo”.

Ele(a)s acham que os exames são a varinha mágica para determinar a qualidade da escola e do sistema; ele(a)s acham que os resultados dos exames permitem construir uma tabela de qualidade do serviço; ele(a)s acham que a competição induzida pela possibilidade de os pais escolherem a escola que os seus rebentos vão frequentar torna o ensino melhor e mais qualificante; ele(a) acham que as decisões de escolha dos pais se limitam à racionalidade do resultado académico.

Depois aparecem uns estudos que demonstram a existência de outras variáveis, que determinam escolhas assentes noutras racionalidades, o que só pode querer dizer que os especialistas que elaboram esses estudos não percebem nada da realidade, porque só estudam e não praticam.

Most parents put school performance behind other factors when choosing a primary school, according to a study that casts doubt on government claims that league table position is the top priority.

The school closest to home, small class sizes and childcare are more important to families than high academic achievement.

Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, has resisted calls to abolish national curriculum tests for 11-year-olds, saying that parents rely on the results to assess schools. But the study of more than 12,000 mothers and fathers indicates that results in the tests, formerly known as SATs, are not as important as whether friends or siblings attend the school or how far away it is.

“Nineteen per cent of parents who expressed a school choice preference and whose child was in a state school [in England] cited school performance as being important, far less than those citing proximity or friends or siblings attending the school as prime motivators,” the study said.[…]

John Bangs, head of education at the National Union of Teachers, said that the results showed that parents wanted to know more than just how a school does in the league table positions.

“Parents choose schools for their own different reasons and they would be better aided if they were given the proper 360-degree picture of a school’s achievement — not narrowed by test results and performance tables and Ofsted inspections which only focus on a small number of key judgments,” he said.

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