DAVID M. HERSZENHORN é jornalista do New York Times. Em tempos guardei no meu computador uma deliciosa crónica de que reproduzo algumas partes:

Trabalhar com crianças parece fácil. Mas não é.

«School professionals are called upon not only to educate children, but also to nurture curiosity and civic values, and even to teach the most basic manners. Once, while waiting to have lunch with my mother, now retired after more than 30 years as a teacher in a city elementary school, I stood in her school’s main entrance and watched a teacher walk by with her class, shouting: “Fingers out of your nose! Fingers out of your nose!”»

Mas os paizinhos também podem constituir um problema complicado de resolver, a menos que o professor seja inteligente e criativo:

«For example, on the first day of school last year, the principal of Public School 8 in Brooklyn Heights graciously invited parents to attend the first half-hour of class with their children.

And simultaneously, in a brilliant stroke, he ensured that few parents would actually go to class and disrupt the start of the day by setting out a lavish spread of bagels, doughnuts, juice and coffee in the school auditorium. By the time breakfast was done, it was time for the parents to leave.»


Para o ” Schools Chancellor de Nova Iorque, mr. Joel I. Klein” é importante criar as condições necessárias para o sucesso, o que passa por:

«providing teachers with terrific working conditions and also to be able to offer them higher pay to accept assignments in some of the city’s toughest schools.

“The most important thing in education is the quality of teachers,” Mr. Klein said.” The two major ingredients are what you get paid and a combination of working conditions and job satisfaction.”

A great principal and veteran teachers who can serve as mentors are among the ingredients that Mr. Klein said were needed to create “a dynamic positive feedback loop.”

In other words, happy, well-compensated, well-supported teachers make great teachers and great schools, even in the heat.»


É uma pena que nem a nossa socióloga, nem muitos dos nossos liberais de pacotilha tenham tempo para ler alguns jornais de referência e jornalistas que não se limitam a reproduzir o discurso dos políticos.